Reinigung Business

Your Cleaning Expert

With VIP Cleaning of your business,
You are covered with Gold, 
DCC, Whole World and Hop Rocket..

Like I was said, I have a couple business that help me out reach my spiritual time and was deeple involved in transfering your expense into income. 

First of all you need to know that you need cleaning only because you trade it for your time that bring you money. We take advantage and give you the system.


Normal cleaning...


From our expirience, we developed a 2x cleaning for customer that need clear space for living or working urgent and fast.

Specialized for AIRBNB and rent appartament cleaning and shine. Your clients want to be so clean and so shiny... we bring all beauty that is possibile to all your stuff. 


No worries / Best choice


If you want to test us, you will need to call us or book on our page and make appointment. Price is fix 100€ and include 3 to 4 hour of cleaning, 1,5 hour of traveling and our review of your cleaning space.

Then we make a offer for maintence your space with all requirments. 

And you have no worry, be happy!